Welcome to Careever

Elevating the Overall Healthcare Experience

At Careever, we are excited to present our cutting-edge web platform that seamlessly integrates a range of healthcare services at the click of a button, for our esteemed clientele and their members.

Managed on a single dashboard, our platform reduces time and effort while enhancing the end consumer experience through global collaboration and adherence to global standards of delivery.

Your Gateway to Exceptional Healthcare Services

Experience the future of healthcare with Careever’s innovative platform that offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to elevate your healthcare journey.

Our mission at Careever is to completely transform the healthcare system for insurers and their members. Our comprehensive platform seamlessly incorporates cross-country and home-country treatment options, providing unparalleled flexibility and convenience while maintaining the highest standards of care.

Superior Access to Healthcare Facilities

Careever offers access to a vast network of over 9,000 hospitals across 12 countries, ensuring that your members have a wide range of options. Whether they require treatment within their home country or seek specialized care abroad, our platform seamlessly facilitates the entire process, ensuring a flawless and smooth experience.

Optimizing Utilization and Minimizing Loss Ratio

We understand the importance of cost-effective healthcare solutions. By optimizing utilization and minimizing loss ratios, Careever’s advanced SOPs with all the listed providers, ensure that resources are utilized effectively, monitored continuously, while offering your members top-notch care.

Second Medical Opinion Services: Empowering Informed Decisions

Access to expert medical opinions is essential for making well-informed healthcare decisions. Our specialized second medical opinion services connect your clients with a network of renowned specialists across 12 countries. With comprehensive medical counsel, your customers can confidently and peacefully traverse their healthcare journey.

Enhanced Member Counseling: Personalized Support

Our exclusive counseling service offers expert guidance, personalized support, and comprehensive assistance to the members. We specialize in persuading members to opt for home country treatment, providing ground-level points to facilitate conversion, a service that greatly benefits insurance providers. From exploring treatment options to evaluating costs and providing emotional support, our experienced team ensures a seamless healthcare journey.

Seamless Stakeholder Integration: Optimized Efficiency

Careever’s platform offers seamless integration with all stakeholders engaged in the insurance process, including insurance/TPA partners, a vast network of hospitals, and streamlined member care. This unified ecosystem facilitates unparalleled collaboration and communication, optimizing operational efficiency while ensuring a superior patient experience.

Global Standards of SOP: Ensuring Best Delivery Standards

At Careever, we adhere to industry-leading global standards of standard operating procedures (SOPs), ensuring that our services are delivered with the utmost professionalism and quality. Our commitment to excellence guarantees that your clients receive the best possible care, regardless of their location or treatment requirements.

Industry-Best End Consumer and Member Experience

The provision of an outstanding end-user and member experience is Careever’s constant priority. From seamless access to healthcare facilities to personalized counseling and support, we are dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of the healthcare journey is tailored to meet the unique requirements and preferences of your clients.

Watch our demo video to see our platform in action and discover how Careever can transform your healthcare experience.

Our Valued Clients

We are proud to serve a diverse range of clients, including leading insurance providers, healthcare institutions, and individual members. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has earned us the trust of a growing client base across the globe.

Cross-Country and Home-Country Treatment Integration

Empower your clients with the freedom to choose the best-suited care, whether it’s within their  home country or across borders. Our platform seamlessly coordinates between cross-country and  home-country treatment options, ensuring a smooth transition and consistent quality of service. This  feature is designed to offer flexibility and convenience while maintaining the highest standards of  healthcare.