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Extending Care, Beyond Borders

In today’s world, even forward-thinking insurance companies face challenges to enhance healthcare value and deliver exceptional member experiences. CareEver offers a solution.

Through our partnerships now spanning over 15+ countries and growing, your members gain connectivity to premier treatment networks across these geographies – from advanced hospitals in Singapore to skilled surgeons in India. Local Careever teams allow us to combine in-country expertise with seamless global coordination.

This vast channel gives you the capability to offer members specialized care and expertise matching
their condition, philosophy and costs – not limited by proximity. By empowering personalized choices, we elevate satisfaction and drive better experiences together. Care should never be compromised by geographic limitations. Together we can empower our members with options to access the quality of care they deserve, enabled through our trusted navigation and coordination.

Let’s explore how we can expand possibilities for your members.

Enabling the Future of Global Healthcare

Step into a new era of healthcare collaboration with CareEver. Our platform seamlessly connects,
negotiates costs in real-time, and offers a vast global network, ensuring your members access to
diverse, accredited healthcare options. Elevate your services through a partnership where
innovation effortlessly merges with patient-centric care.

Transform Member Experiences Through Our Integrated Platform

At Careever, we understand the complexities insurance groups face in managing member healthcare journeys. That’s why we’ve created an integrated platform to simplify processes while enhancing quality and outcomes. By partnering with us, you can:

Our extensive hospital networks spanning 15+ countries, advanced telehealth capabilities, and treatment options combining domestic and international care massively expand the options for your members. This means optimal plan utilization.
Our dedicated care managers guide each member from start to finish, coordinating care, and resolving any needs. This concierge-like support means less burden on your teams while ensuring smoother member journeys.
Our platform provides real-time procedure cost comparisons across our networks. Then we negotiate the best value while ensuring quality. This transparency drives significant savings that are passed onto you.
Our systems seamlessly integrate with insurance platforms and provider networks. Real-time data sharing reduces manual work enabling you to devote more focus to delivering exceptional member experiences.
From second opinions to member counseling and treatment journey, our clinical teams provide personal guidance empowering members to understand all options and make the most informed decisions. This proactive support is proven to improve outcomes over time.

Transform member care, streamline processes, control costs and drive strategic value

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