Trauma and medical care

Multiple or varied traumas that occur during early childhood and involve primary caregivers, examples include sexual abuse, physical abuse, and neglect. Protective Factor. Conditions or attributes in individuals, families, or communities that promote health and well-being. Trauma-Informed Care.

Maltreatment and child abuse are grouped into sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect. Such severe experiences are long-lasting, multidimensional, and are linked with severe and complex consequences.

As per an estimate, 1 billion children globally, aged between 2 to 17, have experienced sexual, physical, or emotional violence. As per a different estimate, over 60 percent of American adults have experienced at least one ACE (adverse childhood experience), and a quarter of adults have faced over three ACEs.

Complications of trauma and Medical care

Some of the complications of trauma and child care include issues like sepsis, multi-organ failure, respiratory failure, hemorrhage, and renal failure.