Dr. R. Vasantha kumari

Doctor's Details

Designation  : BPT, MIAP -Physiotherapist

Gendar         : Female

Specialities  : Consultant Physiotherapist

Doctor's Profile

R. Vasantha kumari consultant Physiotherapist with 10 plus years of experience in the same field. Continuously working with patients with musculoskeletal injuries, guidance and counselling for women’s health (antenatal, postnatal and incontinence), Preoperative and post-operative care after joint replacement, Sports rehabilitation and fitness solutions. Conducting antenatal postnatal classes-Ergonomics and posture corrections, Balance and coordination training for elderly and others after injury, Training the facial muscles after facial paralyse, Rehabilitation, – ACL rehab, – After TKR( Total knee replacement),  – Post fracture rehab, – OA knee, – Joint stiffness,  – back and neck Strength training for senior citizens, Fitness training for geriatric and others with medical ailments.