Dr. Vinathi Paritala

Doctor's Details

Designation : MBBS,MD-Pulmonary Medicine,F.C.C.M.(Nims),I.D.C.C.M. (ER Physician)

Gendar : Female

Specialities : Senior Consultant  Emergency Physician 

Doctor's Profile

Dr. Vanitha is a Senior Consulting Emergency Physician at Kamineni Hospital Vijayawada, with a total of 11 yearrs of experience. She obtained her diploma in Critical Care medicine (IDCCM) from NIMS, Hyderabad. She worked as a Consultant Critical expert with NIMS hospital, Hyderabad, for 5 years and Care Hospital, Banjara Hills, for 2 years before joining Kamineni Hospital. She is currently the incharge for Critical Care & Pulmonology services. As an expert with vast experience, posters and paper presentations at a national level in the field, she has recently initiated the IDCCM for postgraduates and IDCCN for nursing students at Kamineni Hospital Vijayawada. Dr. Vanitha is an active participant in state and nation wide conferences, and has been a faculty for local clinical meets.