Dr. SK Rajan

Doctor's Details

Designation        :   M.B.B.S., MS (Surgery), MCh (Neurosurgery), Spine
Surgery Fellowship (Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, UK)

Gender                :    Male

Specialists           :   Chief – Neuro Spine Surgery & Additional
Director – Neurosurgery

Doctor's Profile

Dr. SK Rajan is an ‘AO International’ Certified Spine Surgeon who brings with him over 15 years of experience in the surgical arena accumulated from a wide variety of Institutions from around the Globe. He has accomplished his surgical training from premier institutions of the country like PGI Chandigarh and GB Pant Hospital, New Delhi; & realizing his passion for treating spinal disorders and that spine work demands expertise of a very high order, Dr. Rajan then moved to the UK and then to the US to work with some of the most prominent International leaders in the field of Spine Surgery (Prof. Edward Benzel at the Cleveland Clinic and Mr. Adrian Casey at London) so as to ‘crack the code’ and enable delivery of outstanding results.

He has also served as Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery, Chief Spine Surgeon & Head of Neurosurgery at a variety of busy Central Government and large Private Hospitals of Delhi before joining Artemis as the Head of Spine Surgery and Associate Director of Neurosurgery. Dr. Rajan was one of a select few from around the world to be selected for the prestigious International World Federation of Neurosurgeons Fellowship to USA for the year 2009. He was also recently honored with ‘AWARD OF EXCELLENCE IN SPINE SURGERY’ AT THE Global Healthcare Excellence Awards at New Delhi for his contributions
to the field of spine surgery.

He is also recognised in the National Neurosurgery circles for successfully applying and popularizing new and special techniques for the successful treatment of various complex spinal disorders especially of the Craniovertebral Junction (upper neck)  and Lumbosacral Junction (lower back). He has, to his credit, an accomplishment of more than 3000 surgeries including some of the most complex spine cases and cases complicated by other surgeons. His repertoire includes both open and minimally invasive spine surgeries (Fusions as well as Motion Preservation Surgeries) on a variety of congenital, degenerative, scoliotic
(deformity), traumatic and infective problems of the whole spine. He has been recognized for utilising Minimally Invasive Key Hole Spine Surgery Techniques
for a variety of spine cases like slipped disc, Lumbar Canal Stenosis, Spinal Tumors, etc. Dr Rajan is regularly invited to give talks at Regional &
International level scientific meetings and also invited at Live Operative teaching Courses as National Guest Faculty. He has also authored and
co-authored a number of publications – both articles in national-international journals as well as book chapters.

Honors & Awards:

• 2010 – Recipient of coveted World Federation of
Neurosurgical Societies Travelling Fellowship to the USA

• 2014 – Recipient of Global Healthcare Excellence Award for
Excellence in Spine Surgery

• 2015 – Recipient of 2015 Leaders Award for Leader in
Treatment of Spinal Disorders

• 2016 – Recipient of National Healthcare Excellence Award
for Best Neurosciences team of the year

Clinical Focus:

• Minimally Invasive (Keyhole) Spine Surgery (for slipped
discs, canal stenosis)

• Craniovertebral Junction (CVJ) Anomalies like Atlantoaxial

• Spinal Fractures – including cementing (Kyphoplasty and

• Endoscopic Spine Surgery (for slipped discs and tumors)

• Spinal Deformity correction (Kyphosis and Scoliosis)

• Spinal Tumors – including keyhole tumor removal

• Disc replacement (Artifical Disc Placements)

• Spinal Tuberculosis & Discitis


• North American Spine Society, USA

• Neurological Society of India

• Association of Spine Surgeons of India

• Neurological Surgeons Society of India

• Neuro Spinal Surgeons Association, India