Dr. Biswarup Pal

Doctor's Details

Designation  : MBBS, MD, P.D.C.C (Anaesthesiology & Intesive Care),Anaesthetist

Gendar          : Male

Specialities   : Sr. Consultant Anaesthetist and Intensivist & Incharge 

Doctor's Profile

Dr. Biswarup Pal is an Anaesthetist and Intensivist with more than 2 decades (26yrs completed in Feb’19 since PG) of extensive and high intensity work experience in UK and and India. He completed his MBBS from Calcutta National Medical College,University of Calcutta, M.D (Anaesthesiology) from Grant Medical College, University of Bombay and P.D.C.C in Cardiac anaesthesia and critical care from Madras Medical Mission, Chennai. His Areas of interest include Reperfusion injury, Perioperative renal protection in Liver Transplantation, Management of acute liver failure and Liver dedicated intensive care.