Our Technology - CareEver Application
Health in your hands​

CareEver app is a simple, smart, secure, and accessible application with unique functionalities. It allows a simple way to manage your medical needs easily and quickly, and centralizes your medical and health information while keeping your data private and secure.

Enhancing Your Experience: Our Range of Services
Our Services
Video Consultation

Now that you’ve taken the first step to seek treatment options through CareEver, if you are someone who prefers a face-to-face consultation, we make that possible too. Through our mobile app, you have the opportunity to have a video consultation with our empaneled multi-specialist doctors for a second opinion

Medical Records

Our cloud-based platform offers a seamless experience allowing patients to save, retrieve and share personal health records anywhere and at any time.



Chat Engagement

Interact with your doctors and CareEver representatives over our secure chat feature. It offers you quick and instant 24×7 support and access to chat, giving you personalized comprehensive care at each step of your journey.


Record Integration

Our robust cloud-based platform is securely integrated with the partner hospitals for sharing of your medical records as per necessity. The platform integrates the network of hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic labs to manage your medical records, book appointments, and plan treatment procedures with special features such as data verification, feedback collection, consent forms, insurance management, and billing.

Data Privacy

We are bound by the Digital Information Security in Healthcare Act (“DISHA”), the Indian equivalent of HIPAA ( Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996), to provide for electronic health data privacy; confidentiality, security and standardization across our platform. Accessible to you and only those who are dealing with your treatment process, CareEver offers complete medical privacy.