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There is a growing demand for healthcare across borders for world-class treatment at affordable and highly competitive rates. In our endeavour to give the best services possible, CareEver has official tie-ups with international medical insurance companies to provide a hassle-free, straightforward medical journey for our patients. We offer healthcare services to patients, with a direct billing model, which has a major impact on saving costs on insurance claims.

We provide service to the patients who want to travel for treatment from their home country with their existing insurance provider, and also to those who are residing in a foreign country for work or education and want treatment in another country globally. CareEver will make sure that your medical visit to the destination country is a seamless process. From the initial enquiry to discharge, our earmarked international patient care desk maintains professionalism at every step before you arrive, during treatment and after you return home.

After the first initiation of the query from the insurance company, we gather information like medical reports, insurance card details, location preference for treatment and expected date for travel for treatment. CareEver Identifies the best set of quotes and shares them with the patient or the insurance provider to choose the final quote. The criteria for shortlisting the quotes are based on the proximity of the patient, and special discounts given to CareEver and speciality hospitals.

A virtual online face-to-face consultation is planned for a second opinion and treatment process. The CareEver team facilitates online consultations before and after the treatment.

CareEver provides a guarantee of payment (GOP) letter, an assurance offered by us that we will settle the payment to the hospital on behalf of the patient. During the treatment process, we also keep the insurance provider informed about the line of treatment and in case of any change in the cost. If there is any change in the cost of the treatment, we work with the insurance provider for approval. We also monitor the day-to-day progress of the treatment. In case the cost is close to the threshold of 85% of the pre-approved amount before the timeline, we inform the insurance provider. At the end of the treatment, we assist with the discharge formalities and settlement of the final bill.

CareEver provides end-to-end service in your healthcare journey. As soon as the hospital is finalized, the team starts the travel arrangement process starting from the invitation letter from the hospital for visa processing. A copy of the invitation letter is also sent to the concerned government authority of the country requesting for a medical visa. With the invitation, a checklist for medical travel like essential documents, vaccination regulations etc is attached. Once the date and tickets are confirmed, CareEver informs the hospital and the insurance provider. After the confirmation, CareEver assigns an escort to assist the patient and their family to be picked up from the airport and help in swift admission in the hospital. After the treatment, we help you with the discharge report, follow-up on post-treatment care, handle all medical communications with the concerned doctor and arrange for your travel back home.

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