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    A Seamless Treatment Journey

    Health is the pillar of human life. To travel across borders to avoid treatment delays and to be able to choose the best and the most affordable care is an important need. To make this process accessible, available and affordable, CareEver brings you a one-stop destination for end-to-end seamless health care service with unparalleled patient experience and personal attention.

    Our extensive network of hospitals in India and across other countries helps to provide online consultation with our empanelled multi-specialist doctors, best-negotiated quotes, treatment plans and connecting with insurance providers. We offer access to world-class highly specialized medical care to our patients at an affordable cost, both with direct billing and reimbursement model, which has a major impact on saving cost on insurance claims. From the initial enquiry to discharge, our 24 x 7 international patient desk ensures you feel most at home and comfortable throughout your care.

    Our approach to your
    Seamless Medical Travel Journey