Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is the process of traveling from your country of residence to another country for medical care. This usually happens if a country does not have adequate medical infrastructure and facilities or specialist medical professionals are not available, or the cost of medical care is high in their country of residence.

The estimated market for medical tourism in India in 2020 is estimated to touch the $9 billion mark as per a combined report by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and Ernst & Young.


India : Medical Tourism Hub

Medical care is an expensive affair all across the globe, especially for the super specialty. In such a scenario, patients look for affordable alternatives without compromising the quality of medical care. One of the key factors why India is on the rise in the global arena for medical tourism is because Indian doctors are at par with the best international doctors. When compared to western counterparts, patients can save more than 50% on expenses, including travel and stay.

Role of Careever

CareEver which is also situated in Chennai leverages this location advantage to its fullest. CareEver has committed itself to facilitate medical tourism to the state. Patients from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, UAE, Africa, the USA, and the European countries connect with hospitals and specialist doctors through CareEver.

CareEver also has a presence in the form of a website and a mobile app that helps in connecting global patients to Indian doctors through its robust platform that provides superior quality of video consultation. Patients from all across the globe connect with specialist doctors for a second opinion and expert opinion at nominal costs.

Taking this further, CareEver has made its mission to facilitate patients from any country to travel to India, stay and get medical care from doctors who are at par with International medical professions. 

As per an estimate India hosts more than five lakh medical tourists annually from different countries. India attracts medical tourists from countries like the Middle-East, South-East Asian countries, Africa, and SAARC countries. Over 50% of medical travelers coming to India are from Bangladesh.

You too can avail this opportunity and get medical care in India at affordable costs getting the best facility, infrastructure, and guidance, and that too of international standards.

If you have a severe medical condition requiring surgery or immediate medical attention, you may connect with our experts.