How do we get pregnant?

After fulfilling the basic needs of food, water and shelter, the desire of having our own family and rasing our kids makes us different from the other animals on the planet. All of us wish to have kids on time. However we have so little knowledge about the process. Our knowledge is limited to what we have been hearing from our parents, friends, relatives and google.

There are so many questions, what is the ideal time to try for pregnancy, what is the ideal weight before trying, when do I need to consult a specialist etc etc. Your friends might be undergoing procedures like IUI, IVF, ICSI for this purpose, what exactly happens in these procedures ,etc, the list is endless!

This is an attempt to clear all your doubts in a stepwise manner! First of all let’s understand how conception happens.
For this we need an egg and a sperm. Egg is contributed by the female partner, while male partner gives sperm.

Every female has a uterus/womb in her body, which has two Fallopian tubes attached on both sides. There are two Ovaries lying near the other ends of both the tubes. Ovaries contain follicles and follicles contain eggs. From second day of menses one follicle starts growing in one of the ovaries. This happens due to the effect of Hormones like FSH. The egg which is inside the follicle also grows inside along with the follicle.The follicle usually completes its growth by fourteenth day or so and then it ruptures releasing the egg within outside ovary.
This egg is captured by fallopian tube and it remains viable for a period of 24 hours in the tube. Whenever intercourse happens, sperms get deposited in the vagina. Semen is a mixture of fast as well as slow sperms and seminal plasma. The fast sperms enter the uterus and start searching for the egg. If one sperm is sucessful in reaching the egg within the specified limit, they fuse together and form an embryo. This is called as fertilization. The embryo grows day by day and advances towards the uterus through the tube. On fourth day of its life it enters the uterine cavity. The inner layer of the uterus/endometrium gets ready meanwhile for the incoming embryo . On 5 th day of its life the embryo becomes a blastocyst and then it sticks to the endometrium. The embryo invades the endometrium and starts growing. This is called as Implantation.

This is how naturally conception happens.
Lets read about the other questions in your mind in next blog post!

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