Health Package & Subscription plans

Our NRI 360 Plan equipped with expert medical care, supervision & monitoring will help you to take care of your loved ones even from afar.

Here's how we simplify healthcare for your loved ones

How it works

  • HM serves as the SPOC for the client and their family.
  • HM seeks time and permission to visit the client as per their convenience.
  • Offers assistance if the client has any non-medical issues by connecting them to reliable sources who can help them.
  • A brief report on the home visit is shared with the family following the visit.

  • 24-hour Helpline for customer support and updates.
  •  Medical visits on priority.
  •  Doctors on call and regular Home Visits.
  •  Personal Health Managers for each Client.
  •  Paramedic support for chronic disease management.
  •  Appointment booking and follow-up.
  •  Facilitation for Emergency response and Ambulance services.
  •  Personalized Health Check based on doctors directions.
  •  Easy prescription refills and access to Pharmacies.
  •  Travel health advisory and immunization.
  •  Medical Record Management.
  •  Medical Insurance management.

  • Structured monthly reporting.
  • Medical updates from our team of doctors and instant updates in case of medical incidents requiring intervention.
  • Easier visits to the hospital.
  • Updates if medicines are being taken as required.
  • Credit facilities: so that they don’t have to worry about incidental expenses.
  • Problem resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • It is a comprehensive and engaging program specially designed for the parents of the NRI to fulfill their complete medical, physical, emotional and recreational needs.

It has 3 offerings.

  •  Silver plan: For independent elders
  •  Gold plan: For partially dependent elders
  •  Platinum plan: For completely dependent elders

  • There are single and couple plans. It also has 3 types of plans basis on payments i.e., annual plans, half yearly plans and quarterly plans.

  • 24X7 dedicated trained manager, who will coordinate with all the service providers for there appointments like physician, physiotherapist, dietician etc and also will also help in facilitating all the other medical services required by the enrolled parent.

  • Annual health check is a comprehensive blood check up which comprises of 12 test along with 1 ECG @ home
  • Medical kit comprises of 5 self-monitoring devices like glucometer, Bp machine, pulse oximeter etc , a pack of medicines and a pack of 1st aid kit.